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This section provides useful tips and information on a variety of financial education topics. Please note that this is not professional advice; contact a professional financial advisor to guide you.

Understanding the Different Types of Credit

Not all forms of credit are created equal and it can be tough to figure out which suits your needs and situation best. Understanding the pros and cons of each form of credit can help you manage your finances better and save you money. (November 2010)
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Are You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Nearly 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year according to the Federal Trade Commission. Repairing the damage can take up to 5,840 hours. The best strategy is to avoid becoming a victim. Learn what you should do to safeguard your identity. (October 2010)
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Protect Yourself from Money Scams

Get rich quick? Not likely. Most offers of easy money are actually scams designed to empty your wallet. Learn how you can spot scams and protect your money and your good credit. (September 2010)
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Keep Back-To-School Shopping from Breaking the Bank

Pencils, books, backpacks, rulers and more. The cost of back-to-school shopping can add up quickly. But a little planning and this smart shopper strategy can help you save money and make back-to-school less painful (at least for parents!). (August 2010)
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It's Never Too Late to Start Saving for Retirement

Whether retirement is years away or just around the corner, having a well thought out plan can make the difference between a comfortable financial situation and a tough one. The key is setting your goals and sticking to them. (July 2010)
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Make Home Improvements Pay

If you're planning to make home improvements, it's smart to find out which ones could mean a tax credit on your 2010 income tax bill. Learn how much you can save with updates that make your home energy efficient and more. (June 2010)
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Organize Your Finances: Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

Spring is a great time to dust off your budget and take a new look at your financial house. Follow these easy tips to gain better control over your money today and in the future. (May 2010)
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How to Build A Budget

A budget is a great way to get your finances on track. This article includes ways to build and maintain a budget that works for you. (February 2010)
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Debt Consolidation: Pros and Cons

Consolidation may seem like an easy answer to a hard question: how do I get out of debt? But like any financial option, you should make sure it's the right answer for you. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using debt consolidation to reduce debt and pay bills. (January 2010)
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