Privacy for Consumers at OneMain Financial

Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence when handling personal information about you.


As a OneMain Financial customer, you have the opportunity to make choices about how personal information about you may be shared. As you consider this, we encourage you to make choices that enable us to provide you with quality products and services that help you meet your financial needs and objectives.


The security of your personal information is our priority. We protect this information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet applicable law. We train our employees in the proper handling of personal information. When we use other companies to provide services for us, we require them to protect the confidentiality of personal information they receive.

OneMain Financial Online Privacy Statement
Our Online Privacy Statement describes how we may collect, use and share information you provide when you visit this website, receive our emails or interact with advertisements we have on third-party websites.
Our Online Privacy Statement does not cover:
- Information collected and used on OneMain Financial social media sites
- Information collected on the websites of our OneMain Financial affiliates
- Information you provide to the websites on which we advertise and place links
We encourage you to read the privacy policies on these sites.
1.  What Information Do We Collect?
We collect two types of online information:  non-personal and personal.
Non-Personal Information
When you visit our site, we collect the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet.  In addition, we gather information such as what browser and which version of it you're using, the type of operating system you have, and which site you came from or advertisement you viewed or clicked on.  This information helps us provide an online experience that matches your device and to manage our online advertising.
When you browse our site or view one of our emails, OneMain Financial and companies we work with use cookies and / or pixel tags to collect information and store your online preferences.  Cookies are widely used and most browsers are set up to accept them automatically.  If you would prefer, you can choose to not accept cookies.
It's important to note that cookies and pixel tags do not capture any information that can personally identify you.  The information they gather helps us improve your online experience and may include:
- Your response to one of our emails or advertisements
- Time and duration of your visit to our site
- Pages you viewed while on our site

We may also supplement the information we collect with information we receive from other companies.  For example, we may use marketing segments developed by us or other companies to customize certain services to your local area and provide relevant OneMain Financial offers tailored to you.
Personal Information
In addition to the information described in the previous section, we may also gather personal information that you provide to us such as your name, address, phone number and email address.  Collecting this personal information enables us to offer you online experiences that help you with your financial needs.  For example, we collect personal information when you are:
- Registering to manage your account online
- Applying for a loan
If you've enrolled in OneMain Financial online services such as online account management, we collect personal information about your transactions.  Collecting this information enables us to provide you these services.  You can refer to the terms and conditions for your account or service to learn how information is collected and used.
We collect information you provide through an online loan application at this site when you submit the completed application. The information in your online loan application includes but is not limited to, your name, address, Social Security number, telephone number, e-mail address, income and occupation.  Personally identifiable information collected in connection with an online loan application may be shared with a third-party vendor for processing.
If we have received personal information from you, or have information that is publicly available from other sources, we may use it in combination with the information that OneMain Financial collects online.  This information may be used to better tailor and personalize our service and marketing communications with you, both online and offline.  Third parties do not have access to personally identifiable information about online activities over time and across different sites when a consumer accesses the OneMain Financial website. 
The personal information you provide online is held by the OneMain Financial business that maintains your account or is processing your application for a new product or service.  You can access and/or change information in connection with your account or application by telephoning your OneMain Financial branch, signing on to your account online or telephoning customer service.  To protect your privacy, proof of identity or other authentication is required.
Please see our Privacy Notice, which we provide to all our customers, for a comprehensive explanation of how we collect, use and share personal information and what your can do to limit the use and sharing of your information.  

2.  How Do We Use the Information We Collect?
OneMain Financial uses the information we collect about and from you to manage our business and to offer an enhanced, personalized online experience on our site and third party websites.

The information we collect allows us to:
- Recognize you when you return to our site so we can personalize your experience
- Process loan applications, loan payments and transactions
- Respond to your requests
- Provide you relevant product and service offers on our site and in other advertising

We may also use personal information we have about you such as your email or postal address to deliver advertising to you directly or on third party websites.

3.  How Do We Use Information from Our Advertisements on Other Websites?
Companies we work with place and track our advertisements on third-party websites.
Like most advertisers, we place advertisements where we think they will be most relevant to customers.  We place advertisements by developing and using our own marketing segments that may combine online and offline information about our current and prospective customers.  In addition, we may use marketing segments provided by online publishers and network advertising companies.
Network advertising companies that provide these services have their own privacy policies and are not subject to our Online Privacy Statement.  Many of these companies provide ways to avoid targeted advertising provided by, or through, them.
4.  Can You Control Your Information That's Collected and Used Online?
It's important to note that the information we use about you helps us provide you with products, services and experiences that may benefit you.  You have the ability to control how your non-personal information is collected and used online. 
When you click on a link contained on this site, you may leave this site and go to another site maintained by OneMain Financial, one or more affiliates or divisions of OneMain Financial, or a non-affiliated third party. Linked sites maintained by OneMain Financial, or one or more of its affiliates or divisions, may have their own cookie policies. Linked sites maintained by non-affiliated third parties may have a cookie policy different from that of OneMain Financial and/or its affiliates.
You can control whether to accept cookies or not.  If you decide to not accept cookies, some features and services on our site may not work properly because we may not be able to recognize and associate you with your OneMain Financial account.  In addition, the offers we provide when you visit us may not be as relevant to you or tailored to your interests.

If you would prefer not to accept cookies, you can:
- Change your browser settings to notify you when receive a cookie, which lets you choose whether or not to accept it
- Set your browser to automatically not accept any cookies

When you provide your email address, we will use it to send you general notices or important news about your account, request your feedback or opinions and provide offers that might interest you.

We believe you should be able to choose what kinds of information you receive via email. If you do not want to receive marketing materials by email, just indicate your preference on the contact information for your account or the 'opt-out' link provided in our marketing emails. Please keep in mind that we will continue to notify you by email regarding your account.

Flash Objects

We may use Flash objects (sometimes referred to as "Local Shared Objects") on our web site.  We may use Flash objects to help us recognize you and your computer when you return to our site. Additionally, Flash objects may be used to help us avoid fraud or security attempts directed at our sites. Also if we display pages running Adobe(r) Flash(r) content (animated content), we use Flash objects to determine your browser type and version of Adobe Flash in order for you to view the content. As with regular cookies, we never store personal information in these Flash object files unless encrypted. Deleting cookies does not delete Flash objects. You can learn more about Flash objects - including how to control and disable them - through the Adobe interface. If you choose to delete Flash objects from our Sites, then you may not be able to access and use all or part of the Site or benefit from the information and services offered.

Targeted Advertising
Online behavioral advertising helps to provide you with more relevant advertising based upon on the websites you visit.

If you prefer to not receive targeted advertising, you can opt out of some network advertising programs that use your information.  To do so, please visit the  NAI Opt-Out Page.  Please note that even if you choose to remove your information (opt out) you will still see advertisements while you're browsing online.  However, the advertisements you see may be less relevant to you and your interests.
Additionally, many network advertising programs allow you to view and manage the interest categories they have compiled from your online browsing activities. These interest categories help determine the types of targeted advertisements you may receive. The NAI Opt-Out Page provides a tool that identifies its member companies that have cookies on your browser and provides links to those companies.

The Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising govern certain online advertising and data collection practices. The principles facilitate transparency about online advertising practices and support consumer choice in managing behavioral advertising. We subscribe to these Principles. For more information about the Principles and the About Ads icon visit

Do Not Track

Although there is no standard for how Do Not Track consumer browser settings should work on commercial websites, the industry has self-regulatory initiatives designed to provide consumers a choice in the types of ads they may see online and to conveniently opt-out from online behavioral ads served by some or all of the companies participating in these programs. For more information see the "About Ads" or NAI links provided above. Many of OneMain Financial's advertising vendors and companies participate in these programs. Using the choice mechanisms these programs make available may help you see advertising that is relevant to you or help you avoid seeing interest based advertising generally.

Notice of Changes
From time to time, we may change this Online Privacy Statement.  The effective date of this Statement, as stated below, indicates the last time this statement was revised or materially changed.  Checking the effective date below allows you to determine whether there have been changes since the last time you reviewed the statement.
Effective Date
This Online Privacy Statement was last modified December 31, 2013.


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