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Personal Loan Application Required Documents

After you apply online, OneMain Financial must verify the following information on your application:

  • Personal Identification
  • Income

To verify your address and age, you will need to bring either of the following to your local branch:

  • One piece of primary identification; or
  • Two pieces of secondary identification.

The following are acceptable forms of primary identification:

  • Current driver's license
  • Current U.S. government issued non-driver identification card
  • Valid passport
  • Current government issued alien identification (i.e. Visa or Green Card)
  • Current armed forces identification card
The following are acceptable forms of secondary identification:
  • Current credit or debit card with an embedded photo
  • Employment badge/pass with the following:
    • Recognized company name
    • Applicant's name
    • Applicant's photograph
  • Current bank statement
  • W-2 that includes the applicant's Social Security number
  • Birth certificate with a raised or embossed seal
  • Current permanent resident card
  • Utility bill

  • This bill MUST:
    • be in the applicant's name
    • list applicant's current address

To verify your income, you may be required to provide one or more of the following documents.*


  • Pay stub dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Signed verification of employment letter from the employer
    The letter MUST:
    • include the income amount.
    • be dated within 30 days of the application date.
  • Payroll records or schedule of payments made to employee dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Military leave and earnings statements dated within 30 days of the application date
  • W-2s that meet the following requirements:
    • The W-2 displays the same employer as shown on the loan application.
    • The loan application date MUST be within 90 days of the due date of the tax return for the year of the W-2.

Pension & Social Security:

  • Bank statement dated within 30 days of the application date showing direct deposit of one of the following:
    • Social Security income
    • Pension or retirement income
  • Retirement or Social Security award letter
    • The letter MUST be within 18 months of the application date.
  • Monthly pension check stub dated within 30 days of the application date
  • Copy of the Social Security check dated within 30 days of the application date
Self Employed:
  • Past two years' tax returns

*Please call your branch to confirm the documents you will need to bring. The documents must be dated within 30 days of the application date, except where noted.

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