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Consumer Alert

Equifax Data Breach: What to Do

If you have a credit report, you may be one of approximately 143 million American consumers whose personal information was exposed in the data breach at Equifax. To determine if you’ve been impacted and for steps to protect your information, please visit

Using Social Security Numbers to Make Payments

If you are using your Social Security Number as your bank account number for any OneMain electronic payments, please stop this practice and use only the actual bank account number provided by your financial institution. No longer use your Social Security Number as your bank account number when scheduling a payment. In the near future, OneMain will reject payments where the borrower’s / co-borrower’s Social Security Number is the same as bank account number. This practice is used in recent payment scams and is a personal identity risk. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please call the number on your billing statement if you have any questions.

Using Federal Reserve Bank Routing Numbers to Make Payments

Recently, many consumers have attempted to make an online payment using the routing number of a Federal Reserve Bank and the individual’s Social Security number. These attempted payments have been rejected by the Federal Reserve which can result in the consumer incurring late fees and returned payment fees. This scheme is being promoted in online videos in which consumers are falsely informed that they may make payments of bills through fictitious individual accounts at a Federal Reserve Bank. Often the scheme is styled as “secret accounts” or “Social Security Trust Accounts” being held by Federal Reserve Banks for every U.S. citizen. The Federal Reserve has published an alert warning consumers not to be tricked by this scheme and noting that Federal Reserve Banks do not hold accounts for individuals and will reject the attempted payment. Do not listen to anyone who encourages you to make an electronic payment on your OneMain loan or other bill using this scheme. If you attempted to make this type of payment on your OneMain account, please contact your branch or other account representative as soon as possible to make appropriate payment arrangements.

Advance Fee Loan Scam

You should also be aware of fraud schemes in which a person impersonating a OneMain employee contacts you, falsely advises that you are approved for a loan, and asks you – as a condition of receiving the loan – to either provide your banking information or pay a fee in advance by pre-paid debit card, wire, or other payment method. OneMain will never ask you to provide banking information if you have not first completed a loan application, and we will never ask you to pay any type of advance fee as a condition of our processing or disbursing a loan.

Reporting Attempted Fraud

Please report any fraud attempt to the U.S. government’s Internet Complaint Center or your local law enforcement authority, and feel free to contact our Executive Office of Customer Care at 1-800-525-6053 if you have concerns regarding potential scams or frauds in either obtaining or paying a OneMain loan.

Your OneMain Security Team