Are You a Smart Online Banker?

Nothing beats the convenience of banking whenever and wherever you want from your computer, tablet or smartphone without ever setting foot in your local bank branch. To get the most out of online banking, make sure you're taking precautions to keep your online transactions safe and secure.

The reason it's so important to ensure that you're a careful, smart online banker is that as the number of people who bank online has grown to more than 400 million around the world, these types of transactions have become a top target for hackers and other criminals. Their goal is not only to steal money, but also to steal the information they need to commit identity theft.

What You Can Do to Make Your Online Banking Safer

There are several steps you should take each time you bank online to keep your money and your personal information safe.

It's also wise to review your banking statements carefully as soon as you receive them. If you spot a suspicious transaction, report it to your bank immediately.

This article is for informational purposes only. For personalized financial advice, you should contact a qualified financial advisor.