Little Changes Can Put More Money in Your Pocket

It's always nice to have a little breathing room in your budget and you can get it by making some small changes in how you spend your money. The great thing about this approach is that it doesn't require any big sacrifices and that makes sticking with these spending changes much easier.

Get Your Groceries for Less

Beyond clipping coupons, there are a number of easy ways to cut your grocery bill:

Save on Kid Stuff

They're the apple of your eye, but having children can be an expensive proposition. Here are some ideas to help you save without scrimping:

Have Fun and Still Save a Few Dollars

With movie tickets at around $8 a person, a night out can get pricey fast. Here are some tricks to help you spend less and still have fun:

Get Where You're Going for Fewer Dollars

Transportation expenses can add up quickly. But there are simple ways to tame those costs:

Savings You Can Find Around the House

There are ways to boost your savings account balance that don't involve looking for change in the couch cushions:

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