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Payment Terms and Conditions

By checking the "I have reviewed and agree to the above Payment Terms and Conditions" box below, you agree to execute this transaction electronically and authorize OneMain Financial or its designated affiliate, to electronically debit the bank account that you have specified above to make the payment set forth above on your account with us. In the event that any electronic debit cannot be completed, you authorize OneMain Financial to execute a check or other draft against your account to facilitate payment.

Your bank must provide you with disclosures, which explain your rights and obligations when making electronic transfers. You should review these disclosures. You should also review your bank account statements to verify the date and amount of any loan payments initiated by OneMain Financial.

You are responsible for having sufficient funds in your bank account on the scheduled payment date. You may be charged a fee by OneMain Financial under the terms of your loan agreement if the electronic debit is rejected due to insufficient funds in your bank account (OneMain Financial, at its discretion, may attempt to re-submit the electronic debit from your bank account). Your bank may also assess fees against your bank account for having insufficient funds.

If the electronic debit exceeds the payment amount due at the time the payment is credited to your account, you agree that OneMain Financial will apply the excess payment in accordance with the terms of your loan agreement. Payments authorized by you before 6:00pm (central) on any business day will be credited to your account on that day. Payments authorized by you after 6:00pm (central) on any business day will be credited to your account the next business day. If you select a payment date in the future, the payment may be canceled before it is processed using your online account at any time before 6:00pm (central) on the business day immediately prior to your selected payment date.