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Car Purchase Loans

Get your loan first and go car shopping with confidence.

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This won’t affect your credit score.

Buy your next car with a OneMain loan and negotiate with power.1

Imagine walking into a dealership with leverage and peace of mind. Instead of needing them to finance your car loan, which can let the salesperson control the deal, put yourself in the driver’s seat and have your own funds ready to go.

What is a car purchase loan?

A car purchase loan is a loan used to buy a new or used car. The vehicle you purchase is then used as collateral to secure the loan. So, when you’re ready to shop for your next car, you can apply for a car purchase loan for the amount you need to finance. If you’re approved for the loan, you can start shopping knowing you have the funds ready to make a purchase. Plus, it can help you skip the hassle of dealership financing and get on the road faster.

Why should I choose OneMain for my loan to buy a car?

At OneMain, we understand each customer is unique. You may want a sportscar while someone else needs a minivan. But when it comes to the nuts and bolts, we think every loan should come standard with fixed payments and interest rate. Also, this isn’t our first spin around town. We've been a trusted lender for more than 100 years.

Today’s the day. See if you prequalify for a OneMain car purchase loan!

With a car purchase loan you can:


Avoid dealership financing

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Negotiate your purchase with confidence


Choose the right loan for your current needs

A OneMain loan could be the key to buying your next car.See if you prequalify now.

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This won’t affect your credit score.

Real stories of how customers used a OneMain loan to finance a car.2

“Fast service, good program for my daughter’s first car.”2

— J.J., 6/1/2018

“My experience with OneMain was the quickest way of getting a car loan that I have ever seen. I would recommend OneMain to all my friends and family. Thank you OneMain for getting me in my car in two days.”2

— Janella S., 5/22/18

2 These customer testimonials reflect individuals' personal experiences, so you may not have the same results