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May 12-15: McMenamins UFO Festival in McMinnville, OR

May 12-15: McMenamins UFO Festival in McMinnville, OR

By Matt Diehl • May 09, 2016

From May 12-15, extraterrestrial enthusiasts will land upon McMinnville, OR to celebrate the 17th Annual McMenamins UFO Festival. What began as a simple event to recognize the famed Trent family UFO sighting in 1950 has evolved into four days of parades, costume contests and special events. It is the second largest UFO festival in the United States and will be headquartered at Hotel Oregon.

The hotel will host a variety events including live music and the Alien Costume Ball. Festival-goers will also enjoy outdoor activities such as a downtown “Landing Party” and UFO Costume Parade. One of the main attractions is a panel of high-profile speakers that will be discussing the mysterious 1997 "Phoenix Lights" incident in Arizona. A few notable names include Dr. Lynne Kitei (leading authority of the case and eyewitness), Peter Davenport (National UFO Reporting Center Director) and James Clarkson (WA State Mutual UFO Network Director).

The origin of the festival, the Trent family UFO sighting, occurred back on May 11, 1950. Evelyn Trent went outside to feed her animals on their ranch in McMinnville when she noticed a disc-shaped object hovering in the sky. She yelled for her husband Paul, and after they found their camera, he took two of the most iconic UFO photos in history. By early June, their story had aired on national news networks and circulated worldwide on the International News Service (INS) and the Associated Press (AP). The photos remain relevant in the UFO community.

Springleaf* will be hosting a booth at the festival’s street fair for the second year in a row. Rodrigo Lagunas, Assistant Manager of the McMinnville Branch, will be onsite and in charge of representing the company: “I will be Springleaf's main contact for the event [and will be] giving away items and promoting the Springleaf brand,” he said. “We will be giving away several promotional items including 750 green Alien Balloons. We will also raffle a GoPro camera to one lucky winner.”

The festival draws a large crowd every year and most events are fun for all ages. Lagunas is looking forward to greeting customers and witnessing all of the excitement firsthand: “[I like] seeing all the great people of our community and meeting visitors from out of town. I really enjoy watching the UFO Costume Parade, UFO Abduction 5k Dash and of course the Alien Pet Costume Contest!”

If you’re in northwest Oregon from May 12-15, be sure to witness this UFO phenomenon yourself!

For more information, please visit the McMenamins UFO Festival website.

* Please note that Springleaf has changed its name to OneMain.

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