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5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Overspending

‘Tis the season to spend, spend, spend! And if you’re not careful, the pressure to overspend during the holidays can affect your monthly budget and savings accounts. Here are some helpful tips from sponsored partner and financial expert Stacey Tisdale to stick to a budget without creating financial stress.

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Tis the season to spend, spend, spend!

The pressure to overspend during the holidays can be overwhelming and wreak havoc on our budget.

Many of us try and compensate for not spending time with our loved ones by buying elaborate gits. Advertisers tell us what we must have, and what we must give.

But these five tips can help you keep your finances on track and stay connected to the true spirit of the holidays.


Always go shopping with a list and stick to it!


The holidays are NOT an emergency... do not take money from your emergency savings.


Don't spend more than you can pay back in one month.


If you have problems with credit cards, don't take them shopping! Bring cash or a debit card.


Remember the holidays aren't about money. Gifts like a night of babysitting for a friend or relative or designating a day to spend with someone you love at the park will mean a lot more than a sweater.

Make this the year that the holidays do not create financial stress, so that you are free to show your loved ones how much you care.

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