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7 Ways to Plan a Wedding Shower on a Budget

7 Ways to Plan a Wedding Shower on a Budget

By Matt Diehl • February 23, 2017

Wedding showers are a chance to show the future Mr. and Mrs. how much you care.

How much you spend, however, doesn’t have to be a lot.

From hosting in your living room to DIY party favors, here are seven ways to plan a wedding shower on a budget:

1. Host at home

Renting out a restaurant or dining hall can be costly even without factoring in food and wait staff. If you or someone in the wedding party has the space, host the event at one of your homes. In addition to saving money, throwing the shower at home could be beneficial in other ways:

  • Save time by not having to shop venues
  • Choose your own menu
  • Decorate without as many limitations
  • Set up and clean up at your own pace

2. Send online invitations

From online invitations to utilizing social media, you could create and deliver all of your invitations for free online. Just be mindful that some of your guests may not be as familiar with the Internet or have social media accounts. In this case, make note of who might require a physical copy. You could send them a homemade invitation or look for deals at office supply and stationery stores.

3. Get creative with decor

When it comes to finding cost-friendly decor, a good place to start could be at home. Take a look around to see what can be used for the event. It may also help to create a list of the decor you need and reach out to guests to see if they can contribute. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even make your own party decor.

Some household items you could use for decor include:

  • Christmas lights
  • Candles
  • Picture frames
  • Houseplants

4. Keep the snacks simple

You might be able to find deals for premade snacks but making your own could be the least expensive option. From finger foods to dips and hor d’oeuvres, there are plenty of low-cost appetizer recipes to please your guests.

Here are a few inexpensive appetizer ideas to consider:

5. Organize a potluck

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought food or a cake. Instead, ask family and friends if they have a favorite dish or baked good they could make for the shower.

One idea could be to organize a “favorite recipe” potluck where each guest brings their top homemade dish complete with a recipe card. After the meal is over, you can collect the cards and make a cookbook to give to the engaged couple.

As for drink options, consider adding beverages to the potluck list as well. You could also lower drink costs by serving one signature drink or making the event BYOB.

6. Plan games for entertainment

Wedding shower games can be an amusing way to mix and mingle. You can base your selections on the personality and interests of the couple or go completely out of their comfort zone. Whichever angle you choose, it will be a fun way for everyone to connect and share some laughter.

Some potential wedding shower games include:

7. Make DIY party favors

Giving away thoughtful and festive party favors can be a polite way to thank your guests for coming. However, it could be expensive to buy them from a department store or specialty shop. To potentially save money and add a personal twist, try making your own DIY party favors. If you could use some extra hands during assembly, recruit the help of family and friends to make it a group effort.

It’s time to celebrate!

Wedding showers are a great opportunity for the future bride and groom to have fun with loved ones before the big day. If you’re planning a wedding shower for a family member or friend, keep these ideas in mind for a cost-effective and fun celebration.

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