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8 Low Cost Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

8 Low Cost Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

By Matt Diehl • May 11, 2017

When it comes to making Mom feel appreciated on her special day, a thoughtful idea could offer more value than a fancy gift.

To show Mom how much you care on any budget, here are eight low cost ways to celebrate Mother’s Day:

1. Make her breakfast in bed

Nothing says, “I love you” more than a hot plate of food first thing in the morning. Whether you know her favorite breakfast food or need some recipe ideas, surprise your mom with a tasty meal the moment she wakes up. Sit with her and give her some company while she eats.

2. Give her the day off

Every mom deserves one day per year that’s all about her. Here are some tips to make it extra relaxing:

  • Let her sleep in - In some families, Mom is the first one up every morning. Let her sleep until her body wakes up naturally.
  • Do her daily chores - This includes dishes, laundry and cooking. All household chores should be performed by someone else.
  • Be her chauffeur - Treat your mom like a movie star and drive her around for the day. Remember to open her door when she enters and exits the vehicle.

3. Complete items on her to-do list

From aspirations to tedious tasks, your mom may have a few outstanding items on her to-do list. If she can’t think of any offhand, some suggestions include:

  • Painting furniture
  • Pulling weeds
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Washing her car

4. Visit a free attraction

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there may be a variety of fun and free attractions nearby. If your mom has a particular set of interests, take some time to research places to go that she’ll enjoy. Here are some attractions that could be free to the public:

  • Beach
  • Park
  • Nature reserve
  • Zoo
  • Historical site
  • History museum
  • Art gallery

5. Cook her dinner

If your mom is the cook of the house, treat her to a little home cooking of your own. If you have culinary talent, try to make her favorite dish. For those who aren’t skilled in the kitchen, try one of these simple and low cost meal ideas. Either way, your mom should appreciate your effort.

6. Schedule a family game night

Does your mom have a competitive side? If so, a night full of fun and inexpensive family games could be a great way to start up some friendly competition. In addition to playing her favorite games, make a tray of her favorite snacks to nibble on throughout the night.

7. Plan a surprise visit or party

One way to make Mother’s Day extra memorable is to plan a surprise with all of your immediate family. The type of surprise can range from a big party to a relaxing afternoon at home so be sensitive to what your mom would enjoy. Most important, make sure you plan it properly to keep it a surprise!

8. Create a new tradition

Family traditions can be important, especially when they’re centered around a holiday. If you and your family don’t have a tradition for Mother’s Day yet, make a point to create one this year. Whether it’s something you think of together or an idea from this list, the joy will come in making new memories year after year.

Love doesn’t cost a thing

Although gifts and dining out can be signs of appreciation, spending quality time as a family could be more valuable. After all, creating a loving memory together might be the best present you can give on Mother’s Day.

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