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Fall To-Do List: 8 Low Cost Ways to Enjoy the Season

Fall To-Do List: 8 Low Cost Ways to Enjoy the Season

By Matt Diehl • September 28, 2017

Fall has officially arrived!

Although some people don’t like saying goodbye to summer, others can’t wait for the enchanting sights, smells and flavors of fall.

Here are eight low-cost ways to enjoy the season:

1. Carve or decorate a pumpkin

One of the classic fall traditions in America is carving or decorating a pumpkin. Irish immigrants brought the tradition of creating “Jack O’ Lanterns” to the U.S. centuries ago, and you can still find them on many doorsteps and porches today.1 In addition to being cost-friendly, carving or decorating a pumpkin allows you to be creative and share the experience with family and friends. Here are some free pumpkin carving patterns and templates and tips to maintain a carved pumpkin.

2. Learn a new fall recipe

As cooler weather sets in, your food selection may start to get a bit heartier. If you plan to build a recipe list, you may want to consider adding a new low-cost dish or dessert to the rotation. After all, fall is known for its variety of delicious spices and flavors!

Here are some recipe options to consider:

3. Visit a pumpkin patch

No fall to-do list would be complete without a visit to a local pumpkin patch. Whether it’s picking your favorite pumpkin, bobbing for apples or enjoying a long, slow hayride, there are plenty of opportunities for fun. If you’re looking for the lowest-priced option, try researching patches near your home. You may be able to find deals such as no entry fee or free rides and games.

4. Take a foliage tour

Fall foliage is widely considered one of nature’s most magnificent seasonal treasures. Starting in mid- to late September, tree leaves and shrubs across the country turn from green to a beautiful spectrum of red, purple, yellow and orange. Some towns and municipalities offer organized foliage tours, but you could plan your own custom tour as well. How ever you choose to experience this natural wonder, it’s a free show courtesy of Mother Nature.

5. Make fall art/decorations

Nature has been an inspiration for art since the beginning of mankind. If you’re feeling creative this season, schedule a day to search outside of your home for free supplies to make DIY fall art.

Some potential materials to find outdoors include:

  • Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Twigs
  • Bark
  • Pinecones

6. Attend a fall festival

Fall may be the last season for outdoor festivals in most parts of the country. Whether you prefer live music, arts & crafts or more family-orientated events, search the internet and your local newspaper for nearby festivals. By planning ahead, you could enjoy an entire day of fun for a nominal price.

7. Have a scary movie marathon

For some people, fall is their favorite season for one reason: Halloween. Much like December is for the holidays, the entire month of October is a chance to celebrate ghosts, ghouls and spooky, moonlit nights. If you enjoy a good scare, create a list of free movies to watch on TV or a streaming monthly subscription. Depending on what films you plan to see, you may want to invite family and friends over for support.

8. Host a bonfire

After a long day of fall-themed fun, bonfires can be the perfect way to wind down. If you want to keep it simple, all you truly need is some firewood, a safe place to contain a fire and some chairs. However, if you want to make it a party, you can plan to have food, music and games to play. No matter what type of bonfire you host, you can entertain a large group of people for a small price.

Make the most out of fall

As the leaves turn and temperatures cool down, fall can offer a variety of fun for all ages. Hopefully these ideas will help you make the most out of this sensational season.

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