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Father’s Day Fun - 7 Activities to Do with Dad

Father’s Day Fun - 7 Activities to Do with Dad

By Matt Diehl • June 10, 2016

As Father’s Day approaches, dads across the country are preparing for another neck tie or bbq apron. If you want to give a different kind of gift this year, show your appreciation for Dad by spending time with him doing something he enjoys.

If you need help with ideas, consider one of these fun and inexpensive activities for Father’s Day:

1. Cast a line

With Father’s Day in late spring, the warm weather is perfect to find a lake and cast a line. If your dad has a favorite fishing hole, grab your gear and spend a few hours on the water with him. For those who have never packed a tackle box before, here is a quick list of basic fishing necessities:

  • Hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Bobbers and sinkers
  • Bait and lures
  • Needle nose pliers
  • First Aid kit

You may need a fishing license in your state so research the laws before you go. Some lakes may also have regulations regarding “catch and release” so be mindful of this as well. No matter what you do end up hooking on your lines, the real catch of the day will be spending quality time with your dad on his special day.

2. Visit a historic site

Is your father a history buff or a veteran? Many cities and towns across America have memorials and museums that are free to the public. Whether you choose to visit a war memorial, explore a museum exhibit or tour a historic neighborhood, Father’s Day is a great day to make it happen.

Some places offer a variety of options including guided tours, behind the scenes tours and more. To find historic sites in your area, search the National Register of Historic Places virtual map.

3. Play catch

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring us the most joy. Playing catch could be something that was very special to your dad in your younger years and is a perfect opportunity for reminiscing. If your favorite professional baseball team is playing, turn on the radio and listen to the game as you throw. All you need is a ball and two gloves.

4. Man the grill

Every “King of the Grill” deserves one day off. Grab your dad’s favorite meats, sides and anything else that will complete his meal of choice. If you need some advice, check out this beef grilling guide for tips on the approximate cooking time for different cuts and thickness of meats. When everything is cooked and plated, enjoy your meal together and take care of the clean up afterward. It’s his turn to kick back while someone else scrapes the grill.

5. Build something together

Building a small project as a team could be a great bonding experience. Plan your project ahead of time to make sure you have all the tools, material and hardware on hand. If you need ideas, ask what he could use around the house and nail down one project the two of you can handle together. Here are some ideas you can offer up yourself:

  • Bench
  • Table
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Shelving

6. Play mini-golf

If your dad loves to hit the links, mini-golf is a great way to enjoy the game on a more affordable level. Whether you choose an easy or challenging course, it’s always fun to get your competitive juices flowing with Dad. No matter who wins the round, you will both walk away with a fun time spent together. Bragging rights can be used at the winner’s discretion.

7. Hit up a car show

Is Dad a car enthusiast? Do some research for car shows in the area and plan a day around going to a show and stopping for lunch. All of the walking around will give you and your dad plenty of time to catch up and admire all of the attractions of the event.

For information on car shows in your area, use this car show finder.

Give him your time

It’s safe to say that most dads would love to create new memories. Whether you are a father yourself or the child of a deserving dad, enjoy your time celebrating with family this year.

Happy Father's Day!

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