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How to Make an Out-of-State Move Less Stressful (+ free printable checklist)

How to Make an Out-of-State Move Less Stressful (+ free printable checklist)

By Nicole DeMarco • August 09, 2019

For whatever reason, moving gets a bad rap. You hear horror stories of cardboard blowouts. It rained all day and “Oh man, where on Earth is the packing tape?!” But it’s important to remember that in many cases, moving away — especially out of state — means movin’ on up.

With that in mind, we want to offer a few tips to make your out-of-state move less stressful, more cost-effective and possibly even fun.

1. Take organization one step at a time

A successful move requires an organized approach. But it’s totally ok (and even recommended) to start small. Clearing one drawer at a time will help make sorting your things more manageable and give you a chance to inventory everything you own. As you’re going through your belongings, be honest about what to keep, sell and throw away. You’ll wind up with fewer things to actually move and maybe even a little extra cash to cushion your moving budget.

2. Make packing entertaining

A friendly distraction while you pack can make the moving process a lot less daunting. Invite some pals over before moving day to chat while you sort and organize your things — you can even pay them with a take-out meal (and the pleasure of your company) if they pitch in to help. Not to mention, having company over before a move is a great way to clear your pantry and fridge of items that are perishable and not worth bringing across state lines.

3. Don’t buy when you can rent or borrow

It’s true that moving to another state can incur costs a local move doesn’t. You may need to pay to ship certain items or for short- or long-term storage space. Highway tolls and gas may add up with the additional mileage of your move. That said, if you’re able to borrow a truck or van from a friend or family member, borrow away! Rather than buying boxes, stop by your local supermarket or department store to see if they’ve got any. You can even send a company-wide email at work to ask if anyone’s recently moved — they could have the supplies you’re looking for.

4. Share the heavy lifting

While hiring movers is often a great way to reduce day-of anxiety, if your moving date is flexible enough to accommodate people willing to help you move, consider taking them up on the offer (just remember to return it later). Moving during off-peak seasons when possible may also help to reduce the cost of movers and give you more time to plan your move. You can also hire people just to help you pack and unload certain heavy and cumbersome items that may give you more trouble.

5. Finalize logistic details: things to do before moving out of state

Whether you’re relocating for work, a relationship, or just an exciting change of pace, the stress of moving can be tempered dramatically by planning ahead. We’ve compiled a comprehensive out-of-state moving checklist to help you cover your bases before and during your move. From researching moving companies to notifying your insurance, credit card and utility companies that you’re heading out of state, this moving checklist will help keep you organized and on track.

Take care of business and yourself

Making a big move work for you and your budget takes preparation, but it’s ultimately a great way to start your new chapter off on the right foot. Thoughtfully and honestly evaluating what you need to make your move a success looks different for everyone, but with proper planning you can make moving less stressful and get on your way.

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