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How to Spend Time, Not Money, With Family Over Thanksgiving

How to Spend Time, Not Money, With Family Over Thanksgiving

By Matt Diehl • November 21, 2017

For some families, planning time together throughout the year can be difficult. Once the holidays arrive, the chance to spend time as a group is precious.

With all the pressure to go shopping on Black Friday, it might be difficult to focus on what matters most. Here are some ways to spend time, not money, with family over Thanksgiving:

Cook together

If your family cooks Thanksgiving meal at home, it could be a great opportunity to work together and prepare the meal. After the last bite is chowed down, you can employ the same teamwork to clean up the table and kitchen.

Feed your competitive side

Does your family have a competitive side? Thanksgiving can be a great time to stir up some friendly competition. Board games are a classic hit, but some families may prefer card games or video games. Remember, family bragging rights are on the line. Play to win.

Burn some calories

Eating too much on Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition. To help balance out your calorie overload, go for a group run or take a leisurely stroll around the nearest park. Getting out of the house for a while could be good for your health and spark up good conversation.

Fire up the home movies

Whether exciting or embarrassing, home videos can leave you full of nostalgia. Who doesn’t want to see your uncle do a belly flop five minutes after your cousin’s wedding ceremony? If you want seconds, pass around old photo albums and share favorite family memories after the videos finish.  


Is there a food bank nearby? Ask if they could use some extra hands. Does your community host an event each year? Volunteer as a group to set up beforehand or clean up afterward. Whatever activity you choose, your family can positively impact the lives of others as well as your own.

More family time, please

Holiday traditions can reinforce family values and create lasting memories. Now that Thanksgiving is here, skip the shopping and load up your plate up with heartwarming, stick-to-your-ribs family time.

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