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Low Cost Valentine's Day Ideas

Low Cost Valentine's Day Ideas

By Matt Diehl • February 08, 2017

When it comes to giving a heartfelt gift on Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to spend a lot to show how much you care.

If you’re looking to create a memorable holiday and not break the bank, here are some low cost Valentine’s Day ideas to make it special:

Gift ideas

Make a homemade card

Instead of filtering through dozens of mass produced Valentine’s Day cards, why not create one of your own? Making a homemade card can be fun because you can personalize the content and images. For example, you can use photos of favorite memories to be romantic or include an inside joke you share to make it lighthearted.

To help you get some ideas started, check out these tips to creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards.

Build a DIY gift basket

DIY baskets can be a great opportunity to get personal and at a low cost. Instead of buying a basket with preselected gifts, you can handpick the contents and control how much you spend. Putting a basket together could be a fun and rewarding activity for yourself to complete as well.

If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas:

  • Home spa gift basket
  • Candy/snacks gift basket
  • Movie night gift basket
  • Sports gift basket
  • Assorted items gift basket

Whip up a home cooked meal

Instead of trying to make dinner reservations during this busy holiday, why not whip something up at home? Surprising your special someone with a home cooked meal could hit the spot and potentially save you money. Plus, you’ll have the place all to yourselves.

Here are some low cost recipes to try:

For an added touch, put out some simple decor and play your favorite tunes.

Create a personalized coupon book

A thoughtful, personalized coupon book can be a cost-friendly gift that keeps on giving. You can download a variety of free printable Valentine’s Day coupon books online or create your own. Whether it's "My Choice of Dinner and a Movie” or “One Day of No Chores,” your partner should enjoy these tokens of love.

The theme of the book is completely up to you. It can be romantic, funny or a combination of both. The ultimate goal is to show them that you care and give them something to look forward to.

Date ideas

Enjoy a night in

Do you and your partner need a night in? Sharing this time alone could help you reconnect and focus on what matters most - each other.

Here are some ideas on how to make this type of Valentine’s Day date fun and budget friendly:

  • Cook a new recipe together
  • Create a home spa
  • Enjoy a movie marathon of your favorite flicks
  • Play board games and place fun bets

Take a walk (or drive) down memory lane

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to relive the story of your relationship. If you still live in the area where you met or have history, make plans to visit the landmarks of your past. Where you first met. The location of your first date. The first home you shared together. Also, try to take a picture at each location so you have new memories to cherish the next time you reminisce.

If you no longer live close to memory lane, make a slideshow of photos and flip through them together. Add funny or romantic captions for each picture to make them even more meaningful. Who knows, you may find some photos you both forgot about!

Try a class together

Some studios and businesses offer deals around Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been meaning to try a class together, this may be a great time to find a bargain.

From doing something you both enjoy to going out of your comfort zone, here are some common classes for couples:

  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Acting
  • Painting
  • Massage

Go exploring

Instead of the traditional date night, take your partner’s hand and see what your city or town has to offer. Research some ideas online and make a list to choose from. You can have fun creating the itinerary together before your fun day or night of adventure.

Some exciting options to consider can be:

  • Visit a museum or art gallery
  • Check out a local park or landmark
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Try a new kind of food or restaurant

Love on a budget

When it comes to showing someone you care, it’s the thought that counts. From a gift they can hold to a memory to treasure forever, you can make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable by spending time and effort instead of dollars.

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