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Making Financial Goals a Reality

*Stacey Tisdale is compensated by OneMain.

It’s New Year’s Resolution time again and Stacey Tisdale shares why many of us make a promising start to the year, only to quickly fall back into our old ways. Here are some ideas for sticking to financial resolutions this time around.

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You know how so many of us make New Year's resolutions to get out of debt, to save more, on New Year's Day only to fall back into our old patterns by the time February rolls around?

Without going into too much psycho-babble, the reptilian part of our brain is programmed for survival -- getting our needs met in the here and now.

This causes long-term objectives like saving and investing to literally feel like a struggle.

But these three steps will help you manage those emotions:


Start a money journal. People who write down goals earn 10x more over a 20-year period than people who do not.


Create a plan. Write out individual steps it will take to achieve your goals and cross them off as you achieve them. These small victories actually release chemicals in your brain that provide motivation.


Ask loved ones to hold you accountable. People who ask friends or family to keep them on track have a 76% higher success rate.

When you create the psychological and emotional environment you need for financial success, the numbers will soon follow.

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