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9 Simple Ways to Customize Your Car

9 Simple Ways to Customize Your Car

By Katie O'Shea • August 14, 2015

There are lots of ways to put a personal touch on your car. If you own your car, you can do anything from adding bumper stickers to getting designs painted on your car.

If you're leasing your car, you can't make any permanent changes to your car's appearance, but there are still ways to personalize it.

Below, we'll describe some inexpensive ways to customize your car in ways that you can adopt, whether you own your car (and plan to own it long-term) or are leasing it for just a few years.


Antenna Toppers

For a subtle touch of personality, try sticking an antenna topper to your car. These are generally inexpensive (many are between $4 and $10), and usually are easy to remove (don't forget to remove it before you go through a car wash, so you won't lose it).


Stickers are a classic way to make a statement wherever you go. Plus, they're generally inexpensive (often below $5). You can find fun slogans or appealing designs on lots of different websites, or design your own for very reasonable prices on custom design sites.

Before you stick one on your car, however, you should consider whether you want the sticker to stay on your car long-term. If you're leasing your car, planning to sell your car, or you just don't want to make any permanent changes to your car, there are many removable stickers out there. Search for removable car stickers, and you'll find plenty of affordable options.

Car Graphics

If you really want to change your car's look, you may want to consider a larger sticker. You could try racing stripes or other large designs. The price varies, often based on the complexity of the design.

Make sure that the design will fit your car's size and shape. Certain car companies offer car graphics you can buy for your specific car type.

As with bumper stickers, you should also consider whether you want your car to sport that design long-term before you stick on a permanent car graphic. If you're not certain, you may want to look for a removable one instead.

License Plate Frames

Much like a bumper sticker, a license plate frame is a cheap way to make a statement. Depending on how much you want to pay, you can find frames made of various materials, though most tend to be between $10 - $20 dollars. Just be sure that the frame you choose doesn't obscure your car's registration stickers.

Custom Plates

Bored with your license plate? Get one that's more your style. Many states allow you to pick from different plate designs. Or get a vanity plate with the letters and numbers you choose.

Depending on what state you live in, the price for a custom plate varies. There may be initial fees or annual fees, so make sure the price tag (both now and long-term) fits your budget.


Seat Covers

Though often still relatively inexpensive, these are usually more expensive than the other customizations mentioned. There is, however, a fair bit of variation in seat cover prices. Often, the type of material has an effect on the price, in addition to the number you wish to purchase.

Steering Wheel Cover

Steer in style with a new steering wheel cover. These are generally inexpensive, often ranging from under $10 to $40.

Floor Mats

Put some spring where you step. Choose between standard mats, if your mats need an update, or opt for something more colorful. Most 4 piece sets are around $20 to $40, but material type (carpet vs. rubber mats) may impact the price.


When in need of a little flair, try some decorations for your dashboard or rear view mirror. You could always go with the classic dice or mix it up with something more personal to you. Just be sure that, whatever you choose, that it isn't going to fall off and distract while you're driving.

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