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The Dog Days of Summer Are Here: Stay Cool. Save Money.

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here: Stay Cool. Save Money.

By Alex Porter • July 03, 2018

You know that point in the summer where things start moving in slow motion? We’re talking about those crazy hot, insanely humid, “I don’t feel like doing anything” days.

These lazy days are known as the “Dog Days of Summer” and they’ve officially arrived. The saying originally comes from ancient Greeks and Romans who noticed the dog star, Sirius, was rising just before the sun.1 This meant a heat wave was on the way. And according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Dog Days last for 40 days.2

That’s where our #OMFDogDays of summer comes into play. We’re dishing out fun, easy, budget-friendly tips to help dog-owners take on the hottest time of the year.

To kick things off, here are some ideas on how to prepare for the Dog Days ahead.

Throw Some Puppy Pool Parties

Just pick up a small kiddie pool, fill it up and you’re all set for endless hours of splish-splashing good times! This summertime staple should only run you about $20-$50.3

Bonus: If you’ve got a dog who loves digging, these pools can also double as a sand box. Wet sand can stay cool for hours, if not days, depending how hot it is. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your yard getting torn up so you may save some money on lawn care supplies.

Upgrade Their Hydration Station

Freeze some water at the bottom layer of their bowl for ice cold refreshment. Go with a plain, stainless-steel bowl over a fancy ceramic dish. It’s more durable and best of all, it’ll stay cooler even longer.

Make Your Own Cooling Pad

Top-of-the-line store-bought cooling pads can easily run $60-$70. Save yourself some money and create your own. All you need is a few old blankets or towels, some ice packs and some basic sewing skills. Sew your two pieces of fabric together and be sure to leave a slot open for filling it up.

For an even easier option, take a bandana, dampen it, fold it into a triangle and freeze it. Then when you’re about to head out on a blazing hot walk, tie it around your dog’s neck for on-the-go cooling.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash

More time running around in the sun means more baths will be needed to stay fresh. Check out this super-awesome YouTube tutorial from DIY Creators to see how to make a quick and easy washing/cooling station.

Use some homemade dog shampoo to cut the cost on grooming supplies, too.

Ready to get in on the action? Use the hashtag #OMFDogDays to show us how you and your pup are keeping cool this summer. We want to see ALL the good boys (and girls) out there.

Stay tuned, more tips are on the way.

Dog Days of Summer - Selfie image
When the Dog Days strike, get creative, have some fun and strike right back. Snap a pic and share it with #OMFDogDays!


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