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You Don’t Need to be Rich to Invest

Would you like to become an investor in the stock market? These days, anyone can jump in without fear.

In this video, sponsored partner Stacey Tisdale shows how new mobile apps can let us mimic the investment pros with just the spare change in your wallet.

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A few years back I was a guest on a popular radio show called The Breakfast Club. I mentioned how my then 11-year old son and I made over $1,000 without taking one cent out of our budgets!

We were investing our spare change in the stock market through an app called Acorns every time we used my debit card.

No thinking. No fear.

And Acorns isn't the only player in this space. iBillionaire helps you mimic the pros, analyzing the investment moves of billionaires like Warren Buffet. Stash connects you with companies that are trying to make a difference; doing things like building affordable housing and fighting climate change.

These apps only cost a dollar or two a month to use because they invest in Exchange-Traded Funds, commonly called "ETFs". They don't charge you a broker fee for buying and selling stocks, and there is no minimum investment level.

Now despite its ups and downs, the U.S. stock market has averaged a near 8% annual return from January 2007 to December 2017. The average annual return for money-market bank accounts has not topped 3/10 of 1% in the past 8 years.

Take advantage of the ways technology has changed investing. It's not just for the rich.

With apps like these, you can build wealth for you and your loved ones.

This video was posted June 7, 2019. For more sponsored videos, visit our YouTube channel.

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