Find out what you need to know about updates coming to your account.

After we update our systems, you will see some changes to the way you manage your account. One thing that will not change is the personal service and customized loan solutions you've come to expect from OneMain.

Your Online Account has a new look but the same feature you already know, so you can manage account online the same as you always have. You will also need to update your password the first time you log in after the system updates.

If you are using email alerts, there will now be four available, which will be pre-selected for you to closely match your previous choices. You will also notice that your VantageScore ® credit score is now conveniently displayed when you log in.

Your Payments

Your payment amount, loan terms, and due date will remain the same. Please continue making payments as you always have. If you are enrolled in AutoPay, the name of the program is changing to Direct Pay, but your payments will continue to be deducted from your bank account as scheduled. You can also still make payments by mail or online.

As always, you can continue to visit your current branch to make payments or ask questions about your account.

View a guide to your payment options here.

Your Statements & Account Number

You will have a new account number that will appear on your monthly statement. Plus, your envelope and statement will have a new look and payment mailing address. We've created a guide to help you read your new statement here.

If you're enrolled in Paperless Statements, they will continue. However, after our system updates, we will also send your first new statement by mail to ensure you receive it. There's a chance you could receive two statements in the month we update your account, but you should only pay the Total Amount Due on your statement once for that billing date. You can check your account online or call your branch if you're not sure how much to pay.

New Rewards Program!

You will soon be able to start earning points in our Rewards Program.* It's simple to enroll and even simpler to earn rewards by doing things like making on-time payments and connecting with us online.

Plus, Rewards points quickly add up to things you can use. Enroll in direct pay and earn 5,000 points. That’s a $5 gift card towards popular restaurants and retailers. It's just that easy!

You'll also have access to our exclusive Perks Discount and Savings program where you can purchase discounted electronics, appliances, travel accommodations, and more. Combine the Rewards you earn with Perks and watch your savings add up!

* In participating states.

New Mobile App

Making a payment is about to be more convenient! Soon you will have access to the new OneMain mobile app that allows you to make a payment from your mobile device.

Your Insurance

Your insurance coverage is staying the same, and you will continue to receive payments on any claims that have been approved.

What’s next?

You will receive more information by mail and email. Please read communications you receive from OneMain.

Continue to visit your current branch to make payments or ask questions about your account.

Make sure your online account shows your most up-to-date email and mailing address so we can continue to keep you informed.

Need more information? Check out our FAQs.