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Linking to the OneMain Financial Online Application

Thank you for your partnership with OneMain Financial and for enrolling in internet linking. The next step is to add our link to your website. Please provide this information to your website developer/web designer. This will ensure you get credit for loans made to customers who were referred to our online application from your website.

Your unique referral link is:

Copy Link

This link is specific to your business and contains your unique tracking code. When clicked, the link will direct your customers to our online application.

How to use your referral link:

Here are some suggestions for getting the most impact from your OneMain link:

  • Locate the OneMain link on a page of your website which is easy to find, such as the home page or a page which is only one click away
  • Locate the link near the top of the web page, in an area with a contrasting background color, so the link is more noticeable

Various laws that regulate OneMain’s lending business set limitations on how our loans can be promoted or advertised. Therefore, the information on your website:

  • Cannot state any features of OneMain loans, such as
    • loan amounts
    • example interest rates or “low interest rates”
    • example monthly payment amounts or “low monthly payments”
    • loan term (ie, number of months)
    • “no down payment required”
  • Cannot describe which customers should apply with OneMain, such as “loans for medium to good credit”

How to implement adding the OneMain link to your website:

When adding this link on your website, be sure to include all components in this URL and copy it exactly.

You can use one of the below options to have your referral link appear as a clickable button on your website. To install the button on your website, copy the HTML code of your preferred option and paste it into your website’s HTML file.

If you have any questions, please contact Merchant Service at (800) 435-6285 or by email at