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OneMain Merchant Referral Program

Over 25,000 businesses trust OneMain with their customers.

Let us help you help your customers by connecting them with the funds they need to purchase your goods and services. OneMain can help you:

  • Close sales you might have missed
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Attract new and returning customers

get started or call us at 800-204-4762

Features of the Program

Free to Join

There are no costs, fees, or referral quotas

Fast Funding

Customers can quickly apply for and receive funds.

Painless Processing

We’ll take care of the loan documents—you can focus on business.

Local Support

We’ve got a branch near you.

Merchant Testimonials

See what others have to say about the OneMain Merchant Referral Program

'I'm sorry we just don't have the money to have our car repaired.’ This is the response we were getting more and more often. OneMain's referral program could not have come at a better time. Since enrolling in the program, our sales have increased, our customers are happy, we have seen more return business, and more customer referrals as well. A BIG thank you OneMain.

Mark S.
Mr. Transmission, Augusta, GA

OneMain helps on those ‘tough to get done’ deals that are unable to get approved through our primary lender. About a third of the customers we're able to get connected with OneMain get funded. This 30% lift in sales translates into increased revenue and happier customers. With no cost to us as a Dealer, this program is a win/win!

Adam C.
National Sales Manager, Tuff Shed, Inc.

I have been doing business with OneMain in various ways for over twenty years. While they are not my primary lending source, they fulfill a niche in my business that helps me grow. I have been blessed with some wonderful people there who have helped me enormously.

Mike B.
Baker Financial, Jacksonville, FL

How it works

for merchants

Step 1

Fill out the enrollment form.

Step 2

Display OneMain marketing materials.

Step 3

Send customers to OneMain, and see how your sales increase.

for customers

Step 1

Customers complete the application in one of the following ways:

  • By phone
  • Online
  • In person at a branch
  • Fax

Step 2

Customers sign loan paperwork at a local OneMain branch.

Step 3

Customers take their loan funds to your business to make their purchase.

Ready to enroll? Contact us today.

get started or call us at 800-204-4762