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Couples and Money

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Money taps into our sense of identity and emotions in ways that can be difficult to manage in relationships. Thankfully, we’ve partnered with behavior finance expert Stacey Tisdale to help teach us how couples can create financial harmony. Here are three tips:

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We all know couples fight about money, right?

But according to a survey by Ramsey Solutions, conflicts over money are the second leading cause of divorce. Money taps into our sense of identity and emotions in ways that are very difficult to manage in relationships.

The following 3 tips will help you and your partner create financial harmony.


Lose the notion of right and wrong.

There are no right and wrong beliefs about money, just different attitudes and beliefs, and they all come from our individual experiences. To tell someone they're wrong is telling them that your experiences are more valuable than theirs.


Do NOT use money as a weapon.

Don't bring money into conflicts where it does not belong. If your partner is upset because you have not been spending time together, don't say something like, "I'm busy working to pay off your bills."


Keep your money promises. This builds trust.

If you say you are going to pay the cable bill this month, PAY IT. Even if you have to ask your spouse to lend you money.

The bumps couples face on the road to financial well-being can pave a path to communication... that will strengthen their bond. And bring them closer together.

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