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Teacher's Guide to Currency Around the World

By Stephanie Lo

Money is a useful medium of exchange that allows people to trade goods and services with a minimum of inconvenience. Governments around the world each issue their own money in the form of currency, usually banknotes and coins. To see the latest currency exchange rates, check out this handy currency converter. Each world currency features a unique design and history and you can often learn much about a nation by learning about its currency. As people learn about the money used in other countries, the world gets smaller and greater understanding between citizens of different nations often develops.


Nigerian Naira

This page from the Central Bank of Nigeria includes key information about Nigeria's currency, the Nigerian naira.

South African Rand

Learn all about the South African rand, South Africa's official currency, here.

Tanzanian Shilling

The Bank of Tanzania hosts this page that has basic information on the country's currency, the shilling.


The Bahamian Dollar

Residents and visitors to the Bahamas buy and sell using the Bahamian dollar. This page from the Central Bank of the Bahamas is a good resource on this Bahamian currency.

Belize Dollar

Go to this site from the Central Bank of Belize to learn about Belize's national currency, the Belize dollar.

Canadian Dollar

Here, visitors will find a good resource on the Canadian dollar that features historical information, currency pictures and other information.

East Caribbean Dollar

The East Caribbean dollar is the official currency of Antigua and several other Caribbean countries. Visit this page from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to learn all about this currency.

Guatemalan Quetzal

Guatemala's unit of currency, the quetzal, is the subject of this page from Guatemala's national bank.

Jamaican Dollar

In Jamaica, the currency is the Jamaican dollar, and this page contains images and information on Jamaican money.

Mexican Peso

The Banco de México hosts this page on the Mexican peso, Mexico's official currency.

U.S. Dollar

The United States' official currency, the U.S. dollar, is circulated not only in America but is also used in several other countries. This page explains the U.S. dollar and features images of its denominations.


Chinese Renminbi/Yen

Read this article from the BBC to learn about the history of modern Chinese currency and why it has two names: renminbi and yuan.

Indian Currency

The rupee is the official currency of India, and this page is a comprehensive resource on the Indian rupee.

Pakistani Rupees

The State Bank of Pakistan hosts this page of images of the various denominations of Pakistan's currency, the Pakistani rupee.

Philippine Peso

The Philippine peso is the official currency of the Philippines, and readers can learn about it on this page from the Central Bank of the Philippines.

South Korean Won

Those who live and work in South Korea use the South Korean won as their currency. This page from the Bank of Korea features a description and images of the South Korean won.


British Pound

Visit this page from the Bank of England in order to learn about Great Britain's currency, the British pound sterling.

Bulgarian Lev

Those who visit this page from the Bulgarian National Bank will learn all about Bulgaria's currency, the lev.

The Euro

Visit this page for full information on the euro, the official currency of 19 countries in Europe including France, Germany, Spain and several others.

Russian Ruble

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation provides information on the Russian ruble, Russia's official currency, on this page.

Swedish Krona

The national currency of Sweden is the krona and this page has information on current and past Swedish krona notes.

Middle East

Egyptian Pound

The Central Bank of Egypt hosts this page on Egypt's currency, the Egyptian pound.

Iranian Rial

To learn about Iran's national currency, the rial, visit this page from the Central Bank of the Republic of Iran.

Iraqi Dinar

This page from Iraq's central bank explains Iraq's currency, the Iraqi dinar, and features images of bills and coins in circulation.

Israeli New Shekel

Click on this link to visit the Bank of Israel and learn about the currency of Israel, the Israeli new shekel.

Kuwaiti Dinar

On this page from the Central Bank of Kuwait, visitors can learn about the nation's currency, the Kuwaiti dinar.

Saudi Arabian Riyal

Visitors to this page from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency will find everything they need to know about Saudi Arabia's currency, the riyal.


Australian Dollar

This comprehensive resource page includes information on the Australian dollar, its history, its various forms currently circulated and more.

New Zealand Dollar

In New Zealand, the currency used is the New Zealand dollar and this page from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand includes information on the currency.

Papua New Guinean Kina

Learn all about the kina, the official currency of Papua New Guinea, by visiting this page from the Bank of Papua New Guinea.

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