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A Pirate’s Guide To Saving Money

A Pirate’s Guide To Saving Money

By Alex Porter • September 18, 2018

Ahoy, mateys! Wednesday, September 19, is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we’ll be celebrating by sharing the best money-saving tips ye could learn while sailing the seven seas.

So hop aboard and let’s get right to it, aye?


No way yer gonna hornswoggle any good seadog out of his hard-earned treasure. (Translation: Pirates went to great lengths to protect their valuables.) If a crew was lucky enough to plunder some doubloons, they were willing to risk their lives defending it.

Going to battle over every penny spent might be a little bit overboard, but you can’t go around wasting money all willy-nilly. Keep yer good eye on yer bank account, and be sure ye keep yer spending habits in shipshape order. Here’s some useful info on how to save money every day.


That hidden treasure isn’t gonna unbury itself! Even the most reckless, swashbuckling, scallywag of the sea still uses a map. Any pirate worth his salt knows you need a plan.

Same principle applies to yer finances – without a plan, yer not going anywhere. Take some time to map out your financial voyages by learning how to create a budget, so ye can start stacking up yer coins.


Well shiver me timbers, when ye see a good sale you better be prepared to pillage! A true pirate NEVER pays full price. Truth be told, he normally doesn’t pay at all – but if he had to, he’d be sure to find a good bargain.

Keep yer spyglass handy, stay on the lookout, and check out this article to find all the best sales on the web.

So now, aaaarrrrggghhhh-ye ready to do some saving then, lassie? It’s time to earn yer saving-sea-legs. Follow our advice and you’ll be right on yer way to finding some handsome rewards.

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