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Do you know where your money is going each month?

Budgeting is one of the best ways to control spending and reach your savings goals. Our free budget calculator can help you track where your money goes and identify ways to make positive changes.

To get started, fill in the fields that apply to you and click "View Your Budget".

Budgeting is one of the best ways to control spending and reach your savings goals. Our free budget calculator can help you track where your money goes and identify ways to make positive changes.

In the details and comparison section you can adjust spending and savings to see how it will affect your bottom line.

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Housing Fact Image

Did you know?

The typical American home was built in 1974 and has two stories (three bedrooms and two bathrooms, on average) encompassing 1,800 square feet and is sitting on 0.26 acres. Including rent/mortgage, utilities, household supplies and furnishings, as of 2013 it costs around $23,500 a year (or $1,959 a month) to own a home.


Loans & Credit Cards
Credit Fact Image

Hold on to your wallet.

Credit card debt is the third largest source of household indebtedness (behind mortgage and student loans). As of 2015, the average household owes $7,327 on their charge cards.


Utilities Fact Image

Keep your cool.

As of 2013 the average monthly bill for electricity is $111, while it is $69 for gas. To help lower those costs, experts suggest installing ceiling fans and staying up to date on maintenance of your HVAC system.


Household Fact Image

What are you watching?

According to a May 2014 FCC Report on Cable Industry Prices: On average, the monthly price of cable was $22.63 for basic service, $64.41 for expanded basic service, and $77.05 for the next most popular cable programming service. The price per channel for expanded basic service averaged 48 cents.


Transportation Fact Image

Did you know?

As of 2006 the average vehicle costs $8,003 per year to own and operate. The breakdown of the figure comes to $3,421 for purchasing the vehicle, $2,227 in gasoline and motor oil expenses and $2,355 in other vehicle-related costs.


Insurance Fact Image

Getting where you need to go.

Based on a 2009 U.S. government report, the average auto owner pays a median cost of $776 annually per vehicle. The range spans the high average of $1,126 in the District of Columbia down to $503 in North Dakota. However, auto insurance quotes will vary significantly depending on the age of the driver or applicant. Young drivers are notoriously more dangerous behind the wheel and because of that, insurance companies charge higher rates on policies covering young drivers.


Medical Fact Image

Do you go to the gym?

According to data from April 2015, the gym and health club business is a $21.8 billion annual industry, yet 67% of people with memberships admit they never use them.


Food & Entertainment
Entertainment Fact Image

Let's have fun.

Whether we download a favorite album, go to the movies or buy the latest video game, as of 2014 the average American household spent over $200 a month on entertainment.


Other Fact Image

Location matters

Although the cost ranges widely from state to state, the average U.S. family with an employed mother and children younger than age 15 spent $143 a week ($7,436 annually) on day care, according to a 2011 report.


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Savings Goals
Savings Fact Image

A penny saved…

When planning for retirement, many financial planners recommend that you save 15% to 20% of your income for retirement starting in your 20s.


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