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And the “Best Ways to Save” Award Goes to….

And the “Best Ways to Save” Award Goes to….

By Ryan Bright • February 28, 2018

In honor of awards show season, we’re hosting our very own (totally random and unofficial) “Best of the Best” awards. Here are some tips to help you win at saving and making more money. Drumroll, please.

Best day to ask for a raise

Friday mornings - If you feel like you deserve a pay bump, the least stressful and happiest office time could produce the best results for you.1

Best way to boost your budget

Track your spending - It seems to always be the obvious winner, but it’s harder than it can seem. Once you identify where your weaknesses are, you can really start to make a change.2

Best way to save on groceries

Plan ahead - Don’t improvise here. By making a list and sticking to it, you can help yourself avoid impulse buys. Oh also, check those coupons and apps before you go.3

Best month to shop for a wedding dress

January - According to, January is the perfect storm to shop (and save) for anything wedding-related. Look for sample sales and old inventory. Here comes the deal....4

Best time to file your tax return

Before March 15 - According to, when you file early you can save. The price of tax software or a tax preparer can skyrocket as the deadline nears, so don’t put it off too long.5

Best holiday to buy a car

Memorial Day - Holidays in general can provide excellent opportunities to save on a car. But according to US News, Memorial Day kicks off the summer sales season.6

Best way to save on pet food

Join Rewards or Subscription Programs - According to USA Today, pet store membership bonuses and discounts on subscriptions can be lucrative ways to easily feed your friend, on a friendlier budget.7

Best way to cool your home

Fall in love with fans - Summer is coming, which means cooling bills are, too. According to, a ceiling fan can spread the cool air, letting you raise the thermostat setting about four degrees but keeping your home just as cool.8

Best day to shop for a house

Christmas Day - It may sound strange, but the December holiday could yield you the best results when buying a home. According to, winter price drops, good moods and few buyers put Christmas as the prime time to shop and buy.9

And the winner is….

You! If you follow the advice in this VIP list, the fame and fortune of each award could be yours. Cue the acceptance speech music.

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