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Big Vacation Fun for a Smaller Price Tag

Big Vacation Fun for a Smaller Price Tag

What's your ideal vacation? Relaxing at the beach? A trip to NYC or San Francisco? Unwinding in the mountains? While the cost of a vacation can add up quickly, there can be ways to enjoy your vacation and stay within your budget.

Check out Your Hometown Like a Tourist

Most of us take our hometown for granted, but when you look at your town like a tourist, you may find lots of great places to visit and fun things to do. Look for festivals and free or inexpensive concerts. Museums may have free admission days. The summer is also prime time for events in local parks like nature walks and night hikes. If you have a minor league baseball team, tickets can be less expensive than for the majors. Some grocery stores may offer coupons for reduced admission to local zoos and aquariums.

Make Your Vacation a Group Affair

One of the big ticket items for a vacation is usually the cost of a place to stay. Consider vacationing with friends or family and renting a house or condo. This can help cut the cost of living expenses. With a kitchen, you have the opportunity to make some of your meals or pack lunches for excursions. This can help lower food costs.

Try an All-Inclusive Vacation

Even with the best intentions, costs on your vacation can add up quickly. Meals and snacks, renting a bike or kayak, seeing a show or a movie could add up to hundreds of dollars or more. If you choose an all-inclusive vacation, the cost of airfare, lodging, food and drinks and entertainment are usually included in the price. Cruises and package deals (airfare, accommodations and a rental car) can offer another option for keeping costs under control. Various websites that specialize in providing information about all-inclusive and cruise vacations and you can use them to compare prices and find the vacation that fits your budget.

Simple Ways to Save

  • If you use credit cards and are enrolled in a credit card rewards program, you could redeem reward points for use towards your trip.
  • Auto clubs, banks, credit unions, credit card companies, and employers may offer discounts on attractions, hotels, restaurants, and rental cards. Take advantage of discounts on attractions, hotels and rental cars that might be offered.
  • Buy things like sunscreen, shampoo and pain reliever at home and bring them with you on your trip. Costs for these items can be much higher in tourist destinations.

A way to help you budget for your vacation and control your expenses is to save for your trip ahead of time. Figure out how much you want to spend and put that money aside, by depositing it in your savings account for example.

Check out this printable infographic for more great tips
on how you can maximize your time and savings during your vacation!
Ways To Save on Vacation (Large)