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Vacation Loans

Get the money you need to go places.

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Turn your dreams into reality with a personal loan for vacation.1

Feeling outdoorsy? Romantic? Burnt out? If you need help with vacation financing, a personal loan could be the ticket.

How does a vacation loan work?

A vacation loan can be used to fund nearly any travel-related expense.2 You could use it for plane tickets, hotels, vacation rentals, transportation or a cruise. And if you like to explore or dine out, a little extra spending cash could help you enjoy a full experience.

The benefit of taking out a loan to travel is you can book your trip, pay for everything now and repay the loan over time. So, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, your honeymoon or a long holiday vacation, you can book the trip you want without the worry.

Why should I choose OneMain to finance my vacation?

At OneMain, we understand that each customer is unique. That’s why we take the time to ask questions, listen and find the right travel loan options that work for you. Our loans also feature fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments. This way, when you get back from your amazing trip, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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Benefits of a vacation loan include:


Predictable monthly payments


Fixed interest rate


No prepayment fees

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This won’t affect your credit score.

Real stories of how OneMain customers used a personal loan for vacation.3

“Thank you for the loan. You saved our vacation. Excellent service as well as being quick about it. Thank you again.”3

— Steven W., 1/30/20

“Great Friendly people & always a pleasure to work with, Thanks for the vacation trip to Galveston, Texas for fun & family time.”3

— M. Lalond., 10/1/19

3 These customer testimonials reflect individuals' personal experiences, so you may not have the same results