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New Opportunities to Make Money from Home

New Opportunities to Make Money from Home

By Jessica Leshnoff • September 02, 2020

We’re all spending more time at home these days. And many of us are trying to find new ways to be productive. If supplementing your income is on your to-do list, we’re happy to say that there’s more ways than ever to make money without leaving home (or changing out of your pajamas).

Whether you’re good with data or good with people (or crafts!), we’ve rounded up 10 new opportunities to make extra income from the comfort of your couch, your kitchen or even your backyard.

  • Virtual assistant
    If you’re organized and have great communication skills, a job as a virtual assistant may be right up your alley. Like a traditional assistant, you’ll work with clients doing everything from managing calendars and booking travel to answering emails and creating presentations. A simple Google search for “virtual assistant jobs” will yield pages (and pages!) of great sites to connect you with potential clients.

  • Website tester
    Companies are constantly launching new websites – and they need everyday people to make sure they’re easy to use. That’s where website testers come in. You don’t need any specialized experience to do it. All you’ll need is a computer, internet access and a working camera and microphone. While you won’t make millions (testers typically receive about $10-$25 per session), it’s ideal for those who only have short bursts of time to spare. UserTesting is a good place to start, as is Respondent, where you’ll receive increased pay for specialized business experience.

  • Product reviewer
    If you enjoy website testing, you may also enjoy testing, then reviewing, products as a product reviewer. The premise is simple: You receive products to review, and, in exchange for your opinion, you’ll get to keep the products (which could help boost your household budget), and, in many cases, get some extra cash as well. While they can be highly sought after, there’s definitely no shortage of these gigs. (Here’s a good list to get you started.)

  • Graphic designer
    If you have graphic design experience, you have marketable skills you can immediately put to work. You don’t even need to network. Thanks to freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr, businesses can come to you for graphic design services instead of the other way around. You can take the jobs you want and get a chance to be creative – and get paid for it – from the convenience of home.

  • Freelance writer
    From blogs to social media, good writers are in high demand. The same sites that businesses use to connect with graphic designers (Upwork, Fiverr) are great ones to start with, but – and this goes for our graphic designer friends as well – don’t shy away from more traditional means of connecting with clients, including, Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

  • Data entry specialist
    If you’re detail-oriented, computer-savvy and don’t mind a bit of monotony (or losing yourself in a sea of spreadsheets), remote data entry could be the perfect work-from-home gig. Some basic web searches for remote data entry jobs should yield good results, or you can start with this handy roundup to get you started.

  • Professional crafter
    If you love to make things, chances are people will want to buy what you make. Whether you’re a knitter or jewelry maker or creator of witty mugs and T-shirts, you can sell your wares on sites like Etsy, Handmade at Amazon and ArtFire. Another benefit? You can set your own prices. So remember not to sell yourself short!

  • Customer service representative
    If you’re a people person, get paid for it by being a customer service representative. Companies around the world are looking for friendly workers to communicate with customers by phone, email and chat. Companies like Liveops specialize in hiring remote customer service reps for a wide range of businesses. FreeUp can be a great resource as well.

  • Translator
    If you’re bilingual, why not bring in some additional income with what you already know? As a translator, you’ll translate everything from documents to audio recordings –and you can make up to $25 hour. Welocalize specializes in remote translator services. You can also pursue opportunities – and there’s many of them – through traditional employment websites.

  • Lifestyle and Business Consulting
    If your skillset, or your interests, don’t match with anything above, you may be able to make money doing something you already know how to do but don’t realize it’s marketable. Are you a great celebrity impersonator? Do astrology readings? Maybe you’re a great gamer or would like to give virtual cooking or fitness lessons? Visit the “lifestyle” category on Fiverr and see if you can make money, on your own time in your own space, doing what you love. If you have business expertise in law, HR or project management, be sure to check out the business category as well.

We all have a skill to share

Whether you realize it or not, you have a skill to bring in additional income. Perhaps you’re good at talking to people or you like to click around websites. Or maybe you’re just crazy organized. Take a moment to think about what you’re good at, and what you like to do. Chances are you’ll be able to cash in on it without stepping outside your front door.

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