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Debt Consolidation Calculator 1

If you have multiple debts and are looking for a way to simplify your finances, a debt consolidation loan may be right for you. Use the calculator below to see how a personal loan for consolidating different debts may affect your monthly payments 2.

Enter your current loans and debts

1 These calculators are provided only for educational purposes. OneMain does not guarantee the accuracy or applicability of the calculators to your circumstances. The calculators are not intended to provide financial, insurance, tax, or legal advice.

2 Important Notice About Refinancing or Debt Consolidation: When you refinance or consolidate your existing debts, your total finance charges over the life of the new loan may be higher than for your current debt(s) because your APR may be higher and/or your loan term may be longer.

Different types of debt may be consolidated, such as credit card debt, personal or auto loans, household bills and more. The calculator compares your current bills to what your monthly payments could look like with a debt consolidation loan. You can also adjust the Annual Percentage Rate ("APR") and loan term to see how they would impact your payment amount.

APR represents the annual cost of a loan as a percentage, which takes interest and other fees into account.

Considering debt consolidation and want to learn more?

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