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About Us

OneMain President and CEO Jay Levine

For over 100 years, we’ve been helping hard-working people tackle life’s challenges by providing the help you need when you need it. Our loan experts are from your community, understand your unique situation, and will treat you with honesty, dignity, and respect. Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience and empower you to take control of your finances.

Jay Levine,
President and CEO

Customer Commitment and Borrower’s Bill of Rights

We are committed to responsible lending, enriching our customers’ experience, and overall transparency. While these principles have long been a part of the OneMain culture, the Customer Commitment and Borrower’s Bill of Rights establish a guiding compass for all interactions with those who do business with OneMain.

Committed to Supporting Our Communities

With roots in local communities that date back more than 100 years, we are committed to the neighborhoods where we live and work. Our commitment starts with our team members who volunteer their time and contribute to a variety of causes that make a difference across the country. We focus our efforts on engaging our employees in their communities, charitable giving and financial education.

We provide personal and auto loans from $1,500 to $25,000


  • We’ve extended over $120 billion in loans to over 10 million customers.
  • Our customers use our loans for debt consolidation, household bills, home improvements, car purchases, and other major purchases.
  • We do our best to help customers obtain the right loan for their unique situations.

5 out of 6 Americans live within 25 miles of a branch

in business

  • We believe in giving back. Our team members give back to their communities by donating time and money to local charities.
  • On average, our branch managers have over 13 years of experience expertly serving your needs.
  • We strive to provide an outstanding customer experience at all times, whether it be through your local branch, our website, or our call centers.

4 out of 5 OneMain customers are satisfied to extremely satisfied with the loan obtained from OneMain.*

*Based on 4th Quarter 2016 One Main New Customer Satisfaction Survey

When my family had exhausted all of our resources, OneMain Financial got us through our storm ... when we thought all hope was lost. Thank you. **

Alexis W.

OneMain Financial helped my love and I with our wedding after reuniting 20 some odd years later after high school. It was like love at first sight. **

Faviola C.

** These customer testimonials reflect individuals’ personal experiences, so you may not have the same results.

Want to know more? Talk to us.

If you'd like to know more about the loans we offer, what you need to qualify or how to complete your application, call us toll-free at 855-877-6246 or stop by your local branch and talk to a loan specialist.

We are committed to providing useful information to our investors. Find investor information, including press releases, presentations, and other resources.

We are embarking on our most aggressive growth initiative in our history, creating excellent opportunities for professionals who are as flexible, forward-thinking, and as committed to growth as we are. Search our job openings.

Our History:

Lending made personal

OneMain provides loans and other credit-related products to more than 10 million customers in 44 states. For more than 100 years, we’ve provided the personal lending products our customers need when they need them.

  1. 2015 - Springleaf Holdings, Inc. changes its name to OneMain Holdings, Inc. with the new ticker symbol “OMF” following its acquisition of OneMain Financial
  2. 2013 - Springleaf Holdings, Inc. completes its Initial Public Offering and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol “LEAF” LEAF Listed NYSE
  3. 2011 - CitiFinancial changes its name to OneMain Financial
  4. 2011 - American General changes its name to Springleaf Financial Services
  5. 2010 - American General is acquired by Fortress Investment Group
  6. 2001 - American General Corporation is acquired by American International Group (AIG)
  7. 1999 – Commercial Credit changes its name to CitiFinancial
  8. 1998 – Commercial Credit’s parent company, Travelers Group, merges with Citicorp
  9. 1986 – Commercial Credit goes public
  10. 1983 - CrediThrift acquired General Finance with 350 branches in 16 states
  11. 1982 – CrediThrift is acquired by American General Corporation
  12. 1963 – Interstate begins the use of new operating names for its branch offices: CrediThrift of America and CreditWay of America
  13. 1934 – Commercial Credit expands to offer home improvement loans, backed by the National Housing Act
  14. 1930 - Interstate opens its first branch in Washington, Indiana Our First Branch
  15. 1921 – Commercial Credit opens its first branch in San Francisco
  16. 1920 – Interstate Finance Corporation is founded in Evansville, Indiana, to underwrite sales of Inland Motor Truck vehicles
  17. 1912 – Commercial Credit is founded in Baltimore, Maryland, to provide working capital to manufacturers and building contractors