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Meet Travis Pavur - Army Veteran and OneMain Branch Manager

Meet Travis Pavur - Army Veteran and OneMain Branch Manager

By Matt Diehl • December 21, 2017

At OneMain Financial, we take pride in our team members and their accomplishments. Travis Pavur, branch manager of the Kailua branch in Hawaii, recently celebrated his five-year employment anniversary. As a veteran of the Army and a military spouse, Travis has experienced an amazing journey throughout his career.

Here’s Travis’ story in his own words:

“I originally met my wife when I first joined the Army back in 2004. We became great friends during our first duty station in Germany and knew we made the perfect team together. After getting married in 2007, we were stationed in Fort Bragg, NC and started a family. I was deployed to Iraq in 2009, and while we made the most of the experience, I ultimately decided to end my service in 2012 and become a military spouse.

“With one toddler and a baby on the way, I decided to go to school full-time and pursue a bachelors in business management. Knowing that my wife could get transferred often, I was prepared to deal with the uncertainty of finding a career-type job. I figured most companies might not want to carry the risk of me relocating. While in school, I decided to get a part-time job doing what I have always enjoyed - sales.

“Three months into the job, I met a customer who worked at OneMain. He informed me of an open position and suggested that I apply. Later that day, I talked it over with my wife, and she agreed that it looked like a great opportunity. After my interview, I felt that it was an environment that truly cared for its employees.

“When I accepted the offer, I was both nervous and excited. There was a lot of material to learn in the beginning, and it felt like climbing over a mountain. However, I enjoyed it because I knew I was becoming better at my job. When I began interacting with customers, I noticed that I never felt the repetition that can happen with other jobs. I remember texting my wife multiple times to tell her I was so glad she encouraged me to apply. To this day, I occasionally remember to thank her and the team that hired me.

“Overall, my employment with OneMain Financial has been incredible for our family. When I joined the company in 2012, we were stationed near Seattle, WA. When my wife received orders to do recruiting in Springfield, IL, I transferred within the company. At the end of 2016, my wife was transferred to Hawaii where I currently work as a branch manager. OneMain has allowed me to transfer to three different states and has been there for us every step of the way.

“As a former service member, I would encourage anyone who is transitioning to consider a career at OneMain. Even if it’s not at the branch level, there might be something for you. They’ve helped me build my own career and relationships that will last a lifetime. I could not imagine working anywhere else.”

We’re honored to share Travis’ story and salute his service to our country. Would you like to learn about joining the OneMain Financial team? Visit our careers page and search our current job openings!

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