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9 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal on a Budget

9 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal on a Budget

By Matt Diehl • September 27, 2019

When your home has attractive curb appeal, it’s something everyone can enjoy. Your neighbors. Potential buyers. And most importantly – you!

Achieving the look you want doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Many projects cost less than $30 and take less than a day to complete. You might even be able to finish several in one afternoon.

Here’s a list of nine budget-friendly ways to increase curb appeal:

1. Replace or repair door hardware

Hardware, such as the knocker, handle and peephole, are the focal points of most doors. If yours are in bad shape, a new set could make your current door look (and work) like new.

2. Install new house numbers

What do people look for when trying to find your home? Exactly. A new set of house numbers can really make your home look sharp and show off your attention to detail. You might even find an interesting font or color to create some pop.

3. Buy a new doormat

A dirty, dingy doormat is never a good impression. However, a new, clean doormat can brighten up your entire entranceway. If you want to add a touch of personality, look for one with a warm or clever message.

4. Paint the front door, window trim and porch

Whether it’s a new coat or a new look, a fresh paint job can do wonders. Before purchasing your supplies, look for buy-one-get-one-free deals and mail-in rebates. You might also be able to borrow supplies like rollers, trays and drop cloths from family and friends.

5. Add potted plants and flowers

Looking to spruce up your curb appeal? Plants can be an easy, low-cost way to add a more natural and inviting look to your home. And, if you buy perennials, you’ll never have to buy or plant them again!

6. Trim bushes

To get that clean look, trimming your bushes is a must. Metal hedge shears are sold at most home stores and are a good investment if you have a lot of bushes. Or, if you know someone with a hedge trimmer, ask if you can borrow it.

7. Replace or repair the mailbox

Mailboxes can be a lot more than letter holders. Whether you touch yours up or buy a new one, use your creativity to make it stand out and complement your color scheme or blend it in with your doors and trim.

8. Add landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can offer a double upgrade to your curb appeal. One, they create a stunning visual display. Two, they provide a safe pathway to your main entrance. Beauty and safety all in one!

9. Wash windows

Clean windows can make your home sparkle. Most home stores sell outdoor window cleaning solution, or you can always just use a small amount of vinegar or detergent diluted in warm water. If you need to reach second-story windows, use a safe ladder or an extension pole.

Beauty on a budget

The satisfaction of owning a home you’re proud of is priceless. If you see some areas you’d like to upgrade, or if you have a whole new look in mind, it’s possible to increase curb appeal on a budget. The only hard part is choosing where to begin!

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