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Moving Loans

Finance the cost of your move.

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This won’t affect your credit score.

See how a personal loan can help you handle your moving costs.1

The average cost for a local move is about $1,400. When moving out of state, the average jumps above $3,600. If you’re relocating soon and could use some help with the cost, a personal loan could spread out all or most of your moving expenses.


How can I use a personal loan to help finance my move?

You can use a moving loan to pay for large expenses like renting a moving truck and smaller things like boxes and blankets. Or, if you're hiring a moving company, it can pay the bill plus insurance. By financing these costs, you can get what you need to complete your move and repay the loan over time.

Why should I choose OneMain for my moving loan?

At OneMain, we understand even a short move across town can be costly. That’s why we take the time to ask questions, listen and find a loan that fits your relocation plans. And with fixed monthly payments and a fixed interest rate, you can settle into your new home knowing your personal loan payment will be the same each month if you pay on time.

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Benefits of a moving loan include:


Fixed interest rate


Predictable monthly payments


No prepayment fees

Take some pressure off your move. Check to see if you prequalify for a OneMain personal loan today.

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This won’t affect your credit score.

Real stories of how OneMain customers used a personal loan to finance their moving costs.2

“OneMain Financial helped us when we were in a big need. We were moving out of state and needed extra money for the move. The process was quick, the people were very friendly and informative. If I ever had to borrow money again I would borrow from OneMain again!”2

— Katandra L., 10/22/19

“They were very helpful in getting the help that I needed for my move.”2

— Patrick P., 10/1/19

2 These customer testimonials reflect individuals' personal experiences, so you may not have the same results

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